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Bless this Child
We bring this child, Lord,
gift of creation,
to seek your blessing
wisdom and grace.
Pour now your Spirit
surround *his presence
Watch o’er his growing
Bring him to faith.

Give to his parents
guidance and insight,
as they together
seek what is best
for their child’s future,
for their home’s blessing,
for life’s adventure,
for every test.

These are our prayers Lord,
for this occasion,
for child, for parents,
family and friends.
So may this moment
symbol of blessing,
speak now of Christ’s love
love without end.

© Norman E Brookes
Tune: Bunessan (as for Morning Has Broken)
* Permission is granted to change the "his” to “her” .

Faith is God’s creation
Faith is God’s creation
planted in our hearts,
source of inspiration,                       
faith our journey starts.                  
Faith in God, Creator,                      
faith in Christ, the Son,                   
faith in Holy Spirit,                        
God, the Three in One

Hope is God’s creation
hor our human race,
brings to life new vision
in the darkest place.
Hope in God, Creator,
hope in Christ, the Son,
hope in Holy Spirit,
God, the Three in One.

Love is God’s creation
greatest of the three,
comes to reconcile us,
and to set us free.
Love of God, Creator,
love of Christ, the Son,
love of Holy Spirit,
love the Three in One.

© Norman E. Brookes
35 IN WH&V,  Cranham MHB 137.

Easter is a Time of Rising
Easter is a time of rising,
breaking forth, and being renewed,
Easter comes, the world surprising,
showing us what God can do.

Easter is a time of rising,
breathes new life to mind and soul,
Easter is the Lord’s up-rising,
Christ is Risen, Christ extol.

Easter is a time of rising,
let its wonder touch each heart.
Sense God’s power, ‘tis energising,  
Empowers us to play our part.

Easter is a time of rising,
gift of hope for one, for all,
Risen Christ, now present with us,
raise all those who heed your call.

© Norman Brookes
Tune:  St Catherine H&P 141, MHB 157
Or:  All for Jesus.   WOV 327

       How shall we live?
How shall we honour God’s gift of creation?
How shall we live on this planet, our home?
How shall we live bringing peace to our neighbour?
We cannot do it, alone, on our own.

Christ is the one, at the heart of creation,
he comes to help us make sense of this life.
He lifts our eyes to behold the Creator,
calls us to living in peace, not in strife.

Christ is the one with a love for this planet,
seen in the stories he told day by day,
speaking of springs, and of vines, and of lilies,
shaping the values we need for life's way.   
Christ is the one reaching out to our neighbour,
breaking the barriers of prejudice, greed,
Christ is the one who values the children,
he is the one whose example we need.

Christ is the one at the heart of creation,
Christ is the one who cares for this earth,  
Christ is the one who can break down the barriers,
Drink from his spring and so bring hope to birth.    
    © Norman E Brookes
    Tune: Christus est unum With A Song In Our Heart 18.  
    Epiphany (J.F. Thrupp) H&P 700
    Spean  MHB 122

The Word

When the word in all its glory,
is explained in many hues,
there remains another story,
which is: what shall we now do?

When a text, lit up with passion,
touches issues of our day,
calls our living into question,
will we from it walk away?

That’s the question that confronts us
as we leave this place of prayer:
will we live the gospel message
showing Christ-like grace and care?

Help us then the service ended,
not to set your word aside,
but responding to its challenge,
walk with Christ our daily guide.

So may we with faith and courage
live the gospel hour by hour,
bearing witness to its content,
spreading Christ’s life-giving power.

 © Norman E. Brookes
 Tune:   Stuttgart WOV 122 or
  All for Jesus WOV 327

Make Poverty History
How did it come to be
heart wrenching poverty,
disease and death?
It will be our world’s shame
if we cannot attain
justice to ease the pain,
Hope to ignite.

What must the nations do?
Let hope be born anew,
relieve the debt!
Deal with the crippling yoke,
of which the prophets spoke,
let children live in hope,
set families free.

What must our nation do?
Work for a trade review,
let trade be fair!
Deal with those laws that say
wealth must hold powerful sway,
put an end to that day,
let justice reign!

O God, now let it be
time for true equity,
actions not words!
Give strength to all who seek
this evil to defeat;
let poverty retreat,  
for this we pray.

© Norman E. Brookes
 Tune: Moscow (Hymns & Psalms 29, WOV 61)

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