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           Harvest Hymn
Praise to God who made the mountains
praise to God who made the seas.
praise to God who formed the creatures
filled the earth with flowers and trees.
Lord this is a place of wonder
from the sunshine to the storm
let us fill it with thanksgiving
now today, and in the morn.

Let our hearts perceive God’s spirit
working ever in the midst
of this world which is a treasure
ours to use but also His.
So let’s hold the land as sacred
every field and farm a trust
till we bring to God the first fruits
as the Bible says we must.

Praise to God for earth’s abundance.
praiseto God for food and health.
praise to God for all the blessings
we receive, our life, our wealth.
But we know that many suffer
both in sunshine and in storm
many go to bed this evening
with no food when comes the morn.

Let our hearts be always open
to their plea, their cry for help
let us share our harvest blessings
offering hope, and bringing health.
Till the world is filled with praises
ringing out from shore to shore:
praise to God who gives the harvest!
praise to God for evermore!  (Repeat)               
©  Norman E. Brookes    

      Church People
The Church is made of people
called to a life of faith.
our task to be disciples,
be fools for Jesus’ sake.  
The Church is made of people
called to a pilgrim way,
who seek for clues and insights
from Jesus day by day.

The Church is made of people
who speak the truth in love
who listen to each other
are gentle like a dove.
The Church is made of people
who act as Jesus did,
who reach with true compassion
to all in deepest need.

The Church is made of people
who sing about their faith
whose melody and music
bring joy for Jesus’ sake.
The Church is made of people
whose lives are marked by grace;
who long that all will meet him,
Christ Jesus face to face.

© Norman E. Brookes
     37 in WH&V Tune: Morning  Light  

One Day She Came
One day she came to Jacob’s well,
hoping to ease her thirst,
but resting there she found a man
who asked for help at lirst.

“Give me a drink” was his request
for he was tired, and worn.
It took her by surprise that he
should speak with her alone.

For she was of the race and faith
that Jews had long despised,
but here this Jew was reaching out
across the deep divide.

But sir, no bucket do you have,
and Jacob’s well is deep,
then Jesus said:”if you but knew:
for living water seek.

But living water, what is that?
A spring of love and grace,
a flowing stream that leads to life,
for all the human race.

So come today to Jacob’s well,
God’s living water find,
the source is Christ, for it is he
who renews heart and mind.

© Norman E Brookes
Tune: Tallis Ordinal H&P 586 WOV 309
Or Lloyd MHB A.T.29
Note: this hymn is based on the story
of Jesus at the well in John Ch.4.

          This Place
For the rich beauty of this place,   
home to our youthful days,      
we come to share our joyful thanks,
and bring to God our praise.    
The hills, the sea, the sand, the sun,      
the contours of this land,
are deeply etched into our lives,
just as our Lord had planned.

The people too, who touched our lives,
with faith and love profound,                    
we on this day would celebrate,  
we stand on holy ground.    

We wrestled here with life itself,                    
seeking our goals to set,                    
learning of faith, and hope, and love,
truths that the world need yet.

Thanks be to God for all that's past,
this place, its people too,                    
now may such faith and hope, and love,
be seen in all we do.

© Norman E. Brookes                                   
  Tune: Lloyd  MHB A.T.29.   

           God’s Grace
God’s grace it warms the heart within,
the spirit it sets free,
from ever searching for the truth,
to worship joyfully.

This grace renews and calls us forth,
in catholic spirit true,
to link our hearts with all who seek
God’s gracious work to do.

By grace true holiness of life
will spread throughout this land,
till justice, mercy, truth and love,
are found, as God has planned.

Grace makes the world our parish true,
this world for whom Christ died,
so all that limits perfect love
may here be set aside.

But best of all, God is with us!
this promise we proclaim,
when by God’s grace which dwells within,
we work to spread Christ’s name.

© Norman E. Brookes
  Tune: Kilmarnock MHB 108
  (written as a summary of John Wesley's
   major theological affirmations.)

    Centennial Hymn
Lord, we celebrate the history    
that has brought us to this place,
and we celebrate the mystery
of God’s deep abiding grace.
Here your presence was discovered
by new pilgrims in this land,
yours the vision that inspired them
as they for the future planned.

In their planning for the future,
God and people mattered most,
preaching, prayer, and joyful singing,
spread good news from coast to coast.
Then with congregations growing
buildings too were soon required,
worship, praise, their central focus;
let God’s people be inspired!               

Bricks and mortar, nave and chancel,
spire and organ, soaring sound,
these were built as marks of witness
built as signs of faith profound.
So today our pilgrim parents
yet speak through this heritage,
we will treasure still their witness
pass faith on from age to age.

We the heirs of their rich labours,
we the stewards of this place,
we give thanks for all the memories
precious moments, acts of grace.
So as now we face the future
with its challenge, all unknown,
grant to us a renewed vision,
faith and hope in Christ alone.

Norman E. Brookes
 Tune: Rustington  

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