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A Song for Easter etc

God of new beginnings

O God of new beginnings,
Creator, Spirit, Lord,
Be present in this moment,
Be worshipped and adored.
We stand upon a threshold
Seek wisdom for this hour,
That ministry and mission,
Your Spirit may empower.

Our past is rich with history,
Lives, lived in love and faith,
We hold those memories precious,
Affirm your signs of grace.
To build upon that history,
To venture to the new,
Take risks of faith and courage,
These Lord, we seek to do.

So bind us now together,
In ministry and faith,
Enlarge our Christian vision,
Make us true signs of grace.
Take from us every blind spot,
Give us warm open hearts,
Inspire us by your Spirit,
Commitment, hope, impart.

© Norman E Brookes
Tune: Day of Rest H&P 704 (ii)
MHB 776.  
Alt. tune: Aurelia MHB 701,
WOV 305

        Lenten Journey  
It was a journey charged with love,
This stumbling journey to the cross,
Midst tears and sorrow it was made,
By one who counted all else: loss.

It was a journey charged with hope,
Our health and wholeness, his desire,
In spite of darkness, dread and death,
His purpose charged with holy fire.

It was a journey charged with faith,
Faith holding fast to love’s great plan,
Christ stumbled on, determined, strong
This faithful, God full, Son of Man.

It was a journey charged with God,
As charged are stories, sparks and stars,
The cross, the shame, he did endure,
So love and faith can now be ours.

                 © Norman E Brookes
Tune:    Winchester New
Or Tallis’s Canon

NOTE: This hymn was in part inspired by the quote below:
“All things therefore are charged with love, are charged with God
and if we knew how to touch them give of sparks and take fire,
yield drops and flow, ring and tell of him.”
  The poet Gerard Manley Hopkins in a letter to Robert Bridges.
Note: GMH lectured at a
Dublin University for several years.

A Song for Easter
(based on Luke's account)

Early one morning
with their spices laden
four women made their way
to their Lord’s garden tomb.
They came in sadness
fearful, broken-hearted
for he whom they had loved was crucified.

“Why seek the living
here among the dead?
the Lord is risen",
the watchers said.
Not dead but risen!
He lives for evermore
He will be with us,
of this we’re sure!

And that same ev’ning
as two friends were walking
tearfully talking,
on the Emmaus road,
One came beside them
who then broke bread with them,  
at once they knew he was their risen Lord.

“Why seek the living
here among the dead?...

Our Lord is with us
this day and every day
as in our daily life
we seek to walk his way.
He comes to comfort,
challenge, and inspire  
calls us to service that is
his desire.

Why seek the living
here among the dead?...

©Norman E Brookes
Tune: O Sole Mio

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