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  The Game of Life
In the game of life before us
We are called to lay aside
All that hinders our team’s progress
All that tempts our selfish pride.
We are called to train for living,
We are called to give our best,
Looking ever unto Jesus,
He who puts us to the test.

In the game of life before us,
It is Jesus who’s the coach,
He has been here, he's met life’s challenge,
He it is who knows the ropes.
For the joy that lay before him
He endured both nails and cross,
Till he conquered every hurdle,
Making good what had seemed loss.

In the game of life before us,
We are players on the field,
While the crowd in life’s arena,
Waits to cheer, to chant, to plead.
What will be the final outcome?
That is not ours to decide,
How we play is now what matters,
For our team, our Coach, our Guide.  

© Norman E Brookes
Tune: Hymn to Joy (92 in WOV.)
Note: this was written during the Rugby
World Cup in NZ.   It is based on Hebrews 12:1-13.

Martha, Martha

Martha, Martha, rushing round,
cooking, cleaning, bustling sound;
Guests are coming, Jesus too,
must be ready, much to do.

Jesus comes and takes his place;
friends and neighbours join for grace.
Mary sits at Jesus' feet,
Senses there that life's complete.

In the kitchen Martha slaves,
Mary's help is what she craves.
But, says Jesus, "Mary's fine:
stop and listen, then we'll dine."

When their brother Lazarus died,
Mary, Martha, sat and cried.
Jesus heard, but heard too late,
Lazarus, buried was his fate.

That's when Martha took her stand:
Life, not death, is what God planned,
Spoke for Lazarus, spoke for life;
"Conquer death, Lord, end this strife."

Sisters, women, thoughtful, strong,
Christians, leaders, you belong
to the saints, the martyrs too,
who like Martha, life renew.

Norman E Brookes
Tune: Jesus Loves Me (omit chorus).


Lord of All

Lord of all space, all constellations vast,
we stand amazed at your creative task;
the myriad stars, the sun, the moon, this earth,
your glory show in their celestial birth.

Lord of all time, beginning, present, end,
you make the ages, days and nights you send;
you the eternal Lord of time and space
come to us now, enfold us with your grace.

Lord of this earth, our world, our time, our place,
touch every life, make us signs of your grace:
heal your creation, help us our part to play,
so that our children might know a better day.  

Lord of all things, we come to worship you;
be now our guide, our friend, in all we do;
and if our way is clouded, or uncllear,
help us to know that you are ever near.

        Norman E Brookes
        Tune: Ellers  

Let the Children Live

Life is for the living,
So let the children live,
Free from fear and conflict,
Our failures, Lord forgive.

Life is for the living,
So let the children live,
With nourishment and caring,
Our failures, Lord forgive.

Life is for the living
So let the clhildren live,
With futures that are hopeful,
Our failures, Lord forgive.

Life is for the living!
Lord, let all children live,
In families that love them,
Our failures, Lord forgive
    © Norman E. Brookes

         The Noah Song
 God looked down, saw the land
 Things were not as God had planned
 Japheth, Shem and Ham, they worked very hard
 Built the ark in their back yard

 God said: “Noah, build a boat,
 make it large, then let it float”,
 Japheth, Shem and Ham, they worked very hard
 Built the ark in their back yard.

 Noah asked, why do that?
 God said: “Its where things are at!”
 Japheth, Shem and Ham, they worked very hard
 Built the ark in their back yard   

 Soon the ark, it took shape,
 Men and women came to gape.
 Japheth, Shem and Ham, they worked very hard
 Built the ark in their back yard.

 What they saw, made them smile,
 “Noah’s crazy by a mile!”
 Japheth, Shem and Ham, they worked very hard
 Built the ark in their back yard

 This big ark, it won’t float,
 This is no place for a boat.
 Japheth, Shem and Ham, they worked very hard
 Built the ark in their back yard  

 Then one day, rain came down
 Rain, more rain, flooding the town.
 Japheth, Shem and Ham, they worked very hard
 Built the ark in their back yard

 All aboard, two by two,
 Lion, tiger, and kangaroo,
 Japheth, Shem and Ham, they worked very hard
 Built the ark in their back yard   

Thank you God, Noah said,
 Now it’s safe to go to bed.
 Japheth, Shem and Ham, you can have a rest
 The ark you built is just the best! 
             ©Norman E Brookes 2001
Traditional tune: This Old Man

         Aldersgate Hymn
Lord, we thank you, that your Spirit
Wrestles long and hard with us,
Seeking to awake our spirits
To a life of faith and trust.
Thus it was with two whose witness
We remember on this day,
John and Charles, who found assurance,
Found you loved them, come what may!

Hearts’ assured they quickly broke free,
From an all consuming quest,
To be sure of their salvation,
Their own souls’ eternal rest.
Freed they were to think of others,
Thus responding to God’s call
They began to live the Gospel,
Preach the message, God loves all!

God’s great love, they soon discovered
Transcends buildings, classes, creeds,
This love reaches to the nations,
Touches every human need.
Thus the Wesleys sang the Gospel,
Preached at mineheads, fields, and squares,
Till all England heard the message,
And rejoiced to know, God cares!

We today, heirs of the Wesleys
In this South Pacific land,*     
Can be captive to traditions
That no longer Christ has planned.
When in bondage help us break free,
When in blindness give us sight,
Let us make this land your parish,
God of love and Lord of light.

© Norman E. Brookes
12 in WH&V Tune: Austria MHB 228
* Line may be replaced with:
"In this green and fruitful land"

        Wedding Hymn
Celebrate this glad occasion
Friends and family close at hand,
May the bridal couple know this:
We support them, with them stand.
As they enter into marriage,
As they leave the past behind,
May the future be enriching,
May their love be deep and kind.

Let this wedding seal a friendship
Build a home two lives have planned,
Make the vows now said together    
Be so strong that they will stand  
In the midst of every pressure,     
In the storms, the sunshine too,
Vows are tested by the measure
We are to each other true.   

Friends and neighbours, parents, children,
Young and old, are here today,   
Praying for your future blessing,  
Wishing joy along life's way.
As you go, of this be certain       
Faith, and hope, and love endure,
With these central to your marriage
Then God's blessing will be sure.   

Norman E. Brookes         
     Tune: Hymn to Joy, WOV 92
    Ludwig von Beethoven

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